Nolan Alan Johnston

Nolan is 5 weeks old today, but with all the life changing craziness, it feels like it’s been 5 months. Angela and I have been learning a lot and it’s been a great help to have her mom here for the past 2 weeks. We’re not getting much sleep these days, but we’re sure enjoying being parents and are already finding much joy in Nolan’s facial expressions, his unintentional smiles, and even his grunts and whimpers. We’re really looking forward to the day when he will sleep a few hours on his own…maybe in another 5 weeks or so.

We already announced his birth on Facebook, but wanted to create a slightly more official birth announcement to share with you all. The 3 of us are looking forward to a summer back in the U.S. where we’ll have lots of time to spend with family and friends. We arrive in San Diego on July 2nd.



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