The Ministry of Motherhood

Happy Mother’s Day! My wonderful husband made my day with helping me get a straight 5 hours of sleep, making us a delicious breakfast, and chatting with me for a while on the couch while our little man slept in his arms. All real luxuries these days! I’m so grateful for him and for baby Nolan who gives me this new, humbling role of being a mom. Still hasn’t really sunk in!

It seems fitting today to share a little bit about what new mommyhood has been like at our house. With a baby who only sleeps while being held, on the surface my days have been comprised of a lot of sitting on the couch with him in my arms. Some days I’m lucky if I get a shower before 2pm or can fix my lunch with two hands. I have become increasingly adept at doing things one-handed and typing long things with a few fingers on my iPad (like this!).  And having my mom visit for a few weeks and give so generously of her time, sleep, and energy to help out proved to be one more reason I am incredibly grateful for my own mother as well! Here’s one of my very favorite photos from her time with us.


This has been a big and not always easy transition from being a full time counselor at school to being a full time stay-at-home mom, at least while I’m on maternity leave for the next few months. I have gone from caring for complex heart and soul needs of multiple kids of all ages and thinking through days critically and clinically to caring for the very basic needs of one very small human. This can seem quite mundane at some moments and like a monumental responsibility during others. Yes, life right now definitely revolves around feeding, sleeping and diapers. But having had a time during college when I poured over attachment theory and child development I know it’s also about a whole lot more.  It’s about helping Nolan learn the fundamentals of love and human relationships that will lay the foundation for his ability to function well and to develop his own healthy relationships for the rest of his life. To let God use him to bless and serve people and to grow into the person he was created to be. That’s an entire human life that depends upon the ministry of two parents. Ministry that right now means hours of sitting, holding, feeding, and praying, and later will mean hosting sleepovers, talking about girls, helping with homework, and more praying. My incredible mom did it for me (and still does!) and it continues to make all the difference in my world. (Here she is looking amazingly put together after baby me turned her whole life upside down!)

Baby Angela

Some days when I get to hear how kids at school are doing, a part of me wants to go running down the hill to see and support them, especially when I hear how they’re struggling. And while it will be hard to be away from Nolan for short times, I’m thankful I’ll still get to work with the students at school part time next year. But right now is for our baby. And even when I’m able to return to serving in the community more again, from now on I will also have this other unparalleled ministry of being a mom with all it’s joys, quirks, and challenges. One where sometimes seeing your baby’s first real smiles are enough to suddenly make it all feel worth it.



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