Baby Musings

During the first trimester of being pregnant, I remember feeling like time was just creeping by at the slowest possible pace. We could hardly believe God had given us this gift and we couldn’t have planned the timing better ourselves, and so it was especially hard to be patient.  It seemed like it took forever till we got to see the doctor for the first time, till we got to start counting weeks in double digits, and till we’d feel the first signs of movement from the little one.  Then it felt like an especially long wait to find out if it was a boy or girl. (For anyone who hasn’t heard, it’s a BOY!)

And now suddenly, we’ve hit the 31 week mark. Just 9 weeks to go before we get to meet our son!  We’ve gotten to have a few ultrasounds, we’ve seen the doctor several times, we’re now counting down weeks in single digits, and we’ve gotten to try to imagine who our little boy will be.  Will he be a musician? Will he like to build with Legos? Will he have Doug’s blue eyes and share our light brown hair? Who will he become and what will he do? Who has God made him to be?

He’s been kicking and moving and poking around for several weeks now and the sometimes-informative update emails we get from a baby website say he weighs a little over 3 pounds and measures about 17 inches long now.  Apparently he can blink, grasp, hear, hiccup, and taste the food I eat. It’s a little crazy that this little guy didn’t used to exist. Ok, a lot crazy.  I sometimes forget that he’s a part of us. It’s even more amazing to think that God has known him since before the beginning of time and all his days have already been ordained.  He knew he would be born to two gringo missionary parents in Ecuador as a little dual-citizen. He knew he’d be an international traveler before he could even walk. God knows the plans He has for him.  Thank goodness!  Because here we don’t even know what the little guy’s name is yet.



angela January 28, 2014 Ecuador