Baby Makes Three!

Sometimes big news comes in a little package. Ready for some?

We’re having a baby! God is so good, and we are excited and anxious to meet the new addition to our family. Even after 15 weeks of adjusting to the idea, it’s still a little hard to wrap our minds around. The little one is due April 1, though we hope it’s not actually born on April Fools’ Day! Whenever he or she arrives, it will be an incredible God-given blessing.

Though we’d rather get to share the news in person, we have been excitedly waiting to share our news on here and across the miles. We have had some fabulous phone calls with family back home over the past couple weeks that just make us even more excited for what’s to come. Sharing joy always seems to multiply it!


Many have asked what it will mean for us to be pregnant and have a baby in Ecuador. Good question! It’s one we’ve had to figure out for ourselves as well. So far, I have been feeling great, and miraculously have had no morning sickness or other symptoms to slow me down (except for needing a little extra sleep!). So I’ve been able to start the school year as usual and it will just end a little sooner for me when the baby is born! Ecuador has wonderful maternity laws that allow for 3 months of maternity leave, which will take me from April through the end of the school year. The Ecuadorian culture in general has a high respect for pregnant women and mothers, including special parking spots and express lines at the bank, bill paying office, and elsewhere! We also found a doctor here who comes highly recommended, speaks great English, and who we really like and trust. He’s a veteran in this community and we even found out he delivered one of Doug’s students who graduated high school last year!

We have also realized what a wonderful community this is to grow a family in. With so many of our friends in walking distance from where we live and so many couples of all ages who have gone through this ahead of us, we have felt cared for and embraced as they’ve shared in our joy and offer whatever support we might need. Some of them are so excited for us, you’d think they’re the ones having the baby! We are incredibly blessed.

So – boy or girl? Time will tell…


angela October 5, 2013 Ecuador