The Yearbook is Out the Door…

After months of hard work, including many late nights and weekends, this year’s yearbook has been finalized and sent off to the printer! In just 4 weeks, we should have the printed books in our hands, ready to pass out to students. It’s a good feeling to be done with such a large project, but it’s also a bit nerve-wracking to now rely on the printer to finish the job properly. He’s a good guy and he did a nice job on last year’s yearbook, so we should be fine.

Since this is the first Alliance yearbook ever to be printed in full color, we decided on the theme “Spartans in Color” (the Spartan is our mascot, BTW). Our color scheme consisted of the 4 ink colors used in offset printing – cyan, magenta, yellow and black. We used these colors throughout the book and often with a paintbrush-type effect. Perhaps I’ll post some individual pages (or the whole book) in the future, but for now, I thought I’d show off the cover design as well as our yearbook staff photo.

Front & Back Cover
(the school’s logo is set into paint on the back)
Yearbook Cover - Spartans in Color

2012-2013 Yearbook Staff
(we had some great fun creating this photo)
Yearbook Staff Photo


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