Spiritual Emphasis Week

It’s a three day weekend for us and we’re just a few minutes away from leaving for our first overnight trip out of town since arriving in Quito. The director of the school and his wife have invited us (and a few other teachers from Alliance) to go on a little mountain retreat for a few days. We’ll be staying somewhere near the top of a mountain in a little cabin with cots to sleep on, one bathroom, and only cold showers. There’ll be 14 of us…sharing one bathroom. Should be an adventure! But, I’m told that the views, hiking trails, and horseback riding more than make up for the camping-like conditions. We hope that we’ll have a nice time of relaxation with friends and that we’ll return feeling rejuvenated.

Anyway, that’s not what this post is about. Last week, we had Spiritual Emphasis Week at Alliance. We normally have chapel every Wednesday, but one week a semester, there’s chapel every day and special speakers are chosen to share in new and engaging ways.

This semester, Brent Becker (good friend, fellow Alliance teacher, and the pastor who married us!) was asked to speak at the closing chapel of the week. He asked me if I’d enlist my video class to produce a video he could use during his message. The theme of the week was “Seek First” and Brent specifically spoke about our dreams and ambitions…things that we sometimes put ahead of our desire for God. So, my video class and I asked a number of students, “If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be?”.

This is what we got…

In addition to helping with the video, I also helped cover the event for the yearbook. Here’s a few shots from the week as well as a couple photos of Brent speaking.

The week was a huge success and after Brent gave a challenge at the end of his message, dozens of kids came forward and made commitments to Christ!

I wish I could write more, but it’s time to head off to the mountains!!


doug November 1, 2012 Ecuador