After a full day of travel and a lot of waiting in lines, Angela and I finally made it safely to Ecuador with all of our bags!! Six members of the Alliance staff (including the director and his wife) were there to greet us even though we didn’t get through customs until about 1am! It was so nice of them to come out and it made us feel immediately welcome in our new country. They even gave us a bunch fo snacks and groceries to get us started!

Angela fixing us a late-night snack in the Becker's kitchen (they're still in the US).

I could go on about how the power went off (twice) while we were in the airport. Or how we had to wake the (incredibly nice) landlord to get through the 5 security doors that separated us from the street and our friend’s apartment where we’re staying for a few days. But, those stories can come later. The important thing is that we’re here and that these stories are just the beginning of what awaits us down here.

For now, it’s 2:50am and we’re ready for bed!


doug August 9, 2012 Ecuador