Over the last couple months, we’ve said goodbye to various pieces of furniture, grad school, our home in Seattle, and my full-time job. But now, we’re starting to say goodbye to people. And that’s proving to be A LOT more difficult.

This past weekend, we travelled to Portland to visit my brother Dustin, his wife Julie, and our one-year-old niece Penelope. My parents happened to be in town, so it was nice to all spend time together before we leave for Ecuador.

Dustin and Penelope

But despite a full and fun weekend together, we had to say goodbye to my brother and his family on Saturday night – the first in a series of difficult farewells. In the past, it’s been easy to say “See you in a few months!” and know that we can make it happen (Seattle is just 3 hours from Portland, by car). But now, things are different. In Ecuador, we’ll be 4,151 miles and a full continent away. What’s more, we can’t just hop in a car to make the trip (well, I suppose we could…). No, we’d need to spend $2,000+ on plane tickets and spend a full day travelling each way!

Now, I know things could be far more difficult. Missionaries of yore didn’t have Facebook or Skype. Many of them didn’t even know when (or if) they’d return. The modern conveniences are nice, but they still can’t transport me to Oregon in 3 hours to see my brother. They won’t let me play ball with my niece or be present when she says her first word.

But I guess choosing to follow God isn’t always easy. I just wish I could be omnipresent, that’s all.

I’ll miss you Dustin, Julie, and Penelope. I hope to see you in a year!



doug July 18, 2012 United States