Hello, Goodbye

Endings are funny things.  I’ve had a lot of them in my life, and really got pretty good at winding down, saying goodbye, packing things up, and moving somewhere completely new about every four years.  There were always some tears and pangs of loss, yet there was something wonderful about taking time to honor the relationships and experiences we had in each place we lived.  My mom would take us to all the places we loved one last time, we’d laugh and talk about the memories those places held, and on our last day in our house we would walk around and say goodbye to each room, thanking God for the life they held.  It is entirely worth the effort to transition well.

The past few weeks, in the midst the absolute whirlwind of busyness, there have been numerous moments of farewell.  I said goodbye to the 15 or so families I’ve been working with at my clinical internship – some of whom I’ve known for a year and a half – and together we honored their stories and our relationship and celebrated their growth.  I said goodbye to classmates and professors who have been invaluable in my journey through the MFT program, and I said goodbye to school altogether as we graduated.  We’ve been saying goodbye to the first home we created together as newlyweds as furniture is sold and things are packed up, and starting to say goodbye to the neighborhood and city we’ve come to love.

And yet, while it’s hard to say goodbye, these are times in life when I become most aware of the incredible blessings of people, places, and experiences that ultimately define our lives.  Endings give us a chance to look back and honor the life that’s happened here, to experience deep gratitude for one another, and to thank God for all of it.  Growing up, I got to do this with my family, and now I get to share it with the love of my life.  Endings also mean something new is beginning  - something wonderful and promising.  And while packing has never been very fun for me, I’ve always loved getting to unpack and find out what awaits us on the other side.



angela June 14, 2012 United States