Leaving Seattle

There are a lot of things we’ll miss about Seattle.  That view is one of them.  At least once a week, we would walk a few short blocks from our apartment in Magnolia to a park overlooking the Seattle skyline. In fact, we were surrounded by quite a few amazing views and when it wasn’t raining or overcast (rare), we were often treated to quite a show.

We’ll miss the views and the artsy hipness of Seattle, to be sure, but we’ll also miss the people we’ve come to know and love during our time here. From quirky neighbors to cherished classmates, co-workers, and friends, the personal relationships are always the hardest to leave behind.

Seattle and Mt. Rainier from another neighborhood overlook

There’s plenty of other things we’ll miss. Red Mill burgers. The Cinerama. Once-a-year snow days. South Center Mall. Walks around Green Lake. Trips to Pike Place Market. Top Pot Doughnuts. Things you can only experience in Seattle.

Of course, there’s quite a few things we won’t miss. A flooded basement (twice). Rain. A 1950′s gas furnace that tried to poison us on multiple occasions. More rain. The traffic. Running late for the ferry. Complaining about the rain in Seattle. Even more rain.

In many ways, we always knew that Seattle was a quick pit stop on the road of life. Two years of grad school and we’re out. We might be back, but for now, it’s on to the next adventure half a world away!



doug May 30, 2012 United States